Nanotechnology refers to any technology that operates on the scale of nanometers and smaller. There have been many thousands of uses and references to nanotech in fiction

Fiction about or with Nanotech Edit

  • Infoquake by David Louis Edelman
  • Golden Age trilogy by John C. Wright

Technical Specifications Edit

There is a great amount of variety in how nanotechnology is represented in fiction. In some versions, nanotech relies on [[nanobots]], tiny programmable machines. In others, nanotech is controlled by much larger machines. 

Nanotech has several issues; that of energy, resource consumption, and reproduction.

Despite the small scale, nanotech is still subject to the laws of thermodynamics. This means that some of the processes that nanotech causes will release heat, like breaking down a complex molecule into its simpler constituents. And in other cases, these processes will absorb heat, like when building a complex molecule out of simpler constituents. In addition, the avenue by which the nanotechnology works must also have an energy source to do its work.

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